Minimalistic heaven

Lance Martire

Minimalistic heaven

A-n Introduction to a brand new house.

A-chromiq are my kind of a minimalistic heaven! You just have look at those bottles to know this is a brand I am going to love. Simple yet elegant with that classic french white labelling. Simplement parfait!

The ideology of the brand is simple. A clean prestige vegan brand with fragrances at its core. Combining the ideals of luxury, beauty, minimalism and sustainability.

In a world where florals, woods and spices have no expression of implied gender, these core ingredients have become the genderless niche fragrances which represent the new symbol of luxury and A-chromiq.

These three scents have been designed in collaboration with Nathalie Feisthauer, a long-standing creator for my favourite fragrance house Comme des Garçons.

So the first collection of fragrances:

ODR—211 Lucent - Can the sensation of the cold be refreshing and invigorating? The answer to this is yes with Lucent at your fingertips. A super bright citrus that is reminiscent of freshly squeezed grapefruit and citrus fruits served in a glass made of ice with a blanket made of vetiver and woods. Brrrrr..

ODR—212 Florescent - Where Lucent is cold, this is not! A rosy warmth of softness makes for the perfect opposite to Lucent. Take sweet raspberry jam and turkish delight and then mix this all with saffron, rose, cardamom and lychee. The outcome, a deep scent that reigns majestic between these three.

ODR—213 Opaque - A sweet fougere with some impressive twists and turns. Opaque is not like its namesake, far from it. Where tonka bean creates a thick veil of rich cream, white figs and classic greens create a clear space where leather, tar and smouldering smoke gets to linger.

If you haven't already, I would implore you to get your nose on the wonders by A-chromiq.

Text/Photography @olfctry